Wedding Menu

Cold Cuts

Variety of thin slices of meat with cheese, mixed fresh and preserved salad veggies.

Allergens: Milk



(Nilagang Baboy) 

Traditional sour pork soup dish cooked in tamarind sauces combined with seasonal veggie

Allergen: Soya and gluten


Chicken Pancit Bihon or Canton Guisado

Filipinos most popular stir fry noodles cooked in soya sauce with fresh veggies

Allergen: Soya, gluten and may contain Sulphur dioxide


Hogroast with salad

Crispy skinned Filipino Style Lechon served with fresh green salad with MJG Catering Salad Dressing

Allergen: Mustard

Beef Caldereta (Spicy)

It is a hearty meat dish beef, combined with potatoes, carrots, tomato sauce, and liver spread or liver paste

Allergen: May contain nuts, soya, molluscs, and gluten


Chicken Afritada

Marinated Chicken cooked in tomato sauce with green peas, potatoes, carrots and bell pepper

Allergen: Soya, molluscs, and wheat

Four Season Vegetable

Four seasonal veggies steamed with MJG’s  sauce

Allergen: Fish,crustaceans, molluscs, and gluten

Sweet and Sour Fish (Fillet)

Mouth watering breaded fish fillet dish  with MJG ‘s sweet and sour sauce

Allergen: Soya, fish, molluscs, gluten and may contain Sulphur dioxide


Boiled Rice

Chocolate Fountain

Allergen: Milk, wheat, lupin, sesame may contain traces of nut or peanut.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit